Cedar & Eucalyptus Staircase/Fireplace Mantel Garland

Cedar & Eucalyptus Staircase/Fireplace Mantel Garland

Northern Botanicals
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*Ribbon sold separately.*

Made to Order: Please keep in mind that each and every one of our garlands are handmade and that every creation is unique. The garland will be in the collection's colour palette pictured but the components will vary. We take creative liberties when making garlands. Ribbon sold separately.

Garland Size: We can make garlands in any size. Minimum length is 2'.

Care: To extend the life of your fresh garland for as long as possible, we recommend displaying fresh garlands outdoors. Gently blow off snow if it accumulates. It is possible to bring fresh greenery indoors. The fragrance is magical! If you bring your garland indoors we recommend misting it daily and keeping it away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Disclaimer: Some of our products contain dried or artificial decorations that may contain dies that may run if wet. We recommend displaying your decorations in areas protected from the elements.

Shipping: Garlands are heavy and are not be eligible for free shipping. Please inquire within for a shipping quote if you would like to have a garland shipped.

Special Requests: For special requests, please contact us.